Norman's New Security Suite Wins 'Best in Test' from PC World Norway

FAIRFAX, Va., Dec. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Norman, a specialist in the field of data security, announced today that its soon to be released security suite came out on top in a software security test conducted by the computer magazine PC World Norway . Efficient protection, ease of use, performance and speed were the features evaluated in the test. Norman Security Suite stands out as the winner and is, according to PC World Norway , particularly strong on performance.

A subsidiary of IDG US, PC World Norway tested security solutions from F- Secure, Symantec, McAfee, Eset and Trend Micro in addition to Norman, evaluating the performance of their virus protection, personal firewall, protection against spyware and phishing, and protection of instant messaging services. Norman's price/performance ratio is also superior to that of the other vendors.

"This is the best start possible for our new generation of security products. PC World's test is yet more proof that Norman is among the world leaders in data security," stated Hank Dugan , Chief Executive Officer of Norman's North American subsidiary.

Scheduled for release soon, Norman Security Suite includes virus and spyware protection, personal firewall, and parental control. The standard installation is very easy, while more sophisticated functions can be configured as needed. The new Norman Security Suite also includes self-defense modules preventing hackers and other types of intrusion from turning off the PC's protection functions.

What sets the Norman Security Suite apart from other similar products is Norman's SandBox Technology -- a fully simulated computer and network within the application. Any file loaded into this simulated environment is deceived into behaving normally (e.g., infecting and deleting files, sending e-mails, setting up listening ports, copying itself over networks or connecting to an IRC server). As the file does this, each action is being recorded. Unlike other virtual environments, all simulation is securely contained within the emulator. No code is ever executed on the real CPU, and no other real system hardware components are accessed.

"The real time AV protection of our security suite is significantly faster than all the other products tested by the magazine," added Dugan. "The advantage of this level of speed is that there is no slow-down in the user's computer while AV protection is at work."

About Norman Data Defense Systems

Norman Data Defense Systems is the US subsidiary of leading European security vendor Norman ASA. Based in Washington, DC and San Francisco , Norman DDS offers the complete Norman portfolio, which includes analysis tools and solutions for malware, spyware, spam, and phishing as well as a desktop firewall. Through its Norman SandBox technology, Norman leads the way in the world of proactive anti-virus solutions. The company is anticipating dynamic growth in 2007 and beyond with the addition of some exciting new products and the expansion of its current partner network. To find out more about the company, visit Norman Data Defense Systems on the Internet at

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