Catcher Holdings, Inc. Lands Contract for Life-Saving EMS Applications

LEESBURG, Va., Dec. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Catcher Holdings, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CTHH), ( ), a leader in ruggedized integrated mobile computing and WiFi communication platforms together with Response Data...

LEESBURG, Va., Dec. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Catcher Holdings, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CTHH), (, a leader in ruggedized integrated mobile computing and WiFi communication platforms together with Response Data Engineering, (, a leader in revolutionizing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) patient care with cutting-edge technology, announce a $265,000 purchase of CATCHER(R) command and control platform. The CATCHER will be deployed in rural areas where EMS technicians are often faced with communication challenges.

Response Data Engineering has designed a comprehensive software suite that, when loaded on to the CATCHER, provides systematic management of an entire response for practically any situation. EMS personnel armed with a CATCHER containing this innovative software will be able to receive step-by- step procedural instructions with only a few simple taps on the CATCHER's touch screen panel. This comprehensive solution not only provides thorough instruction but also provides contact to hospital personnel via a WiFi video link in real time. Chris Scarberry , Founder of Response Data Engineering explains, "We did a lot of research and found that CATCHER is the best on the market. CATCHER provides everything that we need and then some. CATCHER is top of the line."

Allan Rakos, President of Catcher Holdings Inc. says, "We are very excited to see CATCHER selected for EMS technicians by Response Data Engineering. We are confident that CATCHER will provide unparalleled performance in wireless mobility for EMS technicians." In the U.S. alone there is a potential for a market of over 500,000 EMS technicians to deploy CATCHER devices. "The advanced biometric and GPS features of CATCHER and the state of the art EMS software provided by Response Data Engineering create an unbeatable combination for life-saving communication in emergency situations," added Rakos.

About CATCHER Holdings, Inc.

Catcher Holdings, Inc. is a leading provider of standards-based solutions that address high-speed mobile computing in the harshest and most demanding application environments. The Company combines Vivato Networks patented Packet Steering(TM) phase array WiFi base stations with the CATCHER(R) family of command and control platforms to address technology requirements where ruggedized, mobile computing is needed.

The capabilities of both product families provide synergies in application solutions such as biometric management and video surveillance, yield a systems level approach and address the unique mobile computing, communications and application solutions needs of multiple market segments. Customers in a wide range of markets including military, homeland security, integrated public safety, municipal, transportation and logistics benefit from true systems level solutions, addressing the harshest and demanding mobile application environments.

About Response Data Engineering

Response Data Engineering provides data collection and reporting systems for emergency response personnel. Response Data Engineering recognizes that first responders work in a chaotic environment with very little time for data collection and documentation. Efforts are concentrated on providing systems so first responders can quickly, easily and accurately document the care and condition of the patients.

Response Data Engineering Technology simplifies documentation and communication with hospital and dispatch services. With lead programmers also being volunteer EMT personnel, there is a deep-seated commitment to such a specialized concentration, and the Response Data Engineering team is able to maximize its effectiveness through specialization.

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