ArcSight joins McAfee Security Innovation Alliance

McAfee and ArcSight have announced that ArcSight, a leading global provider of compliance and security management solutions, has joined the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance. The initial focus of this partnership will be on the integration of the ArcSight SIEM Platform with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator. McAfee ePO is a powerful, unified security and compliance management platform that delivers a single console for monitoring the business, managing compliance and addressing internal and external threats. This enables customers to more efficiently manage security incident and compliance management workflow and minimize business risk.

By leveraging the ArcSight SIEM Platform to continuously monitor, correlate, filter and send critical security events to McAfee ePO, McAfee customers can promptly respond with security countermeasures targeting those systems affected. For example, the systems on a subnet penetrated by a worm attack observed by the ArcSight SIEM Platform could be promptly updated with new anti-virus signatures, software or policies as a countermeasure. This integration also combines the proactive compliance auditing of McAfee Policy Auditor with the compliance event archiving, alerting, and reporting of ArcSight Logger in support of PCI, SOX, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

"The monitoring and compliance requirements in today's corporate computing environment involve enormous data sets across all layers of the network," said Pat Nayak, senior enterprise security architect at Boston Medical Center. "The event aggregation, correlation, response and archival capabilities of the ArcSight SIEM Platform combined with the audit and compliance solutions from McAfee enable our security and network engineers to respond much more quickly to a full range of security threats and compliance violations. We are pleased to see these category leaders combine their products in new and useful ways."

"The ability to quickly detect and mitigate threats or compliance violations, and minimize the associated business risk is a business imperative," said Jeff Scheel, senior vice president of business development at ArcSight. "As leaders in our respective segments of the security industry, we believe that McAfee and ArcSight together offer a comprehensive end-to-end risk mitigation solution. We anticipate that our partnership with McAfee will dramatically reduce the cycle time from detection to response while offering companies continuous compliance oversight."

"We are excited to welcome ArcSight into the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance," said Joe Gottlieb, vice president of corporate strategy and technology alliances for McAfee. "The ArcSight event management and log management offerings are very complementary to the McAfee portfolio, but more importantly, we believe that the way that we are tightly integrating them with ePO will help our joint customers reduce their total cost of security and compliance operations."