Americans Mostly in Support of More Surveillance Cameras

Industry insiders share their thoughts on municipal surveillance projects

Tips from Julianna Benedick, Panasonic Security Systems:
"Integrators should take advantage of the training opportunities in our industry and elsewhere to learn and become expert in network technologies and products, and what the benefits are to municipalities (lower total cost of ownership, easy expansion, and excellent image capture devices)."

Tips from Fredrik Nilsson, Axis Communications:
"I have seen success where an integrator sponsors the first few cameras to show the local police how efficient video surveillance can be used to solve as well as reduce crime. Once they have seen and used the system, and understood the cost, most municipalities want to expand the system. There is an initiative called Safe City using this approach."

Tips from Mariann McDonagh, Verint:
"Learn about Wimax, WiFi and MESH and other emerging wireless technologies. Get smart about IP video solutions for municipal security. Uncover planned city-wide public safety networks and contact local business improvement districts to investigate any new projects or opportunities."

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