The security week that was: 08/15/08

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HP is buying Colubris Networks, which gives it a stronger footprint for offering wireless networks. This is notable for our industry because HP has targeted some of its ProCurve division towards network-connected surveillance solutions, and because wireless is a fast-growing aspect of video surveillance infrastructure. … Honeywell Fire-Lite has named a new vice president: David Pakech. He brings experience from Westinghouse’s electrical division and Siemens’ Energy & Automation group. … and SafetyCare have established a partnership to offer a monitoring solution that is designed to help keep elderly family members able to live independently but still be in touch instantly if a health incident occurrs.

In the SIW forums Remote hosting of surveillance video: Is it worthwhile?

Forum members, including security systems integrators, end users and some vendors debate the value of off-site hosted video surveillance for small businesses. Among the issues raised were uptime, bandwidth and accessibility. If storing video surveillance off-site (i.e., not locally at a DVR or an NVR) is something you’re considering, join in this discussion. Membership in the SecurityInfoWatch Forums is free, but does require a quick registration.