Safer Shot Scheduled To Begin Independent Testing and Certification of Its M-22 Non-Lethal Weapon

NEW YORK , April 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Safer Shot Inc. (OTC: SAFS) announced today that they will begin independent testing of the M-22 Non-Lethal Weapon in May. The independent field trial program, which is expected to last 30 days, is designed to measure product durability, safety and non-lethal cartridge velocity. In conjunction with the phase two testing program, the safety training and certification courses designed for law enforcement agencies and individuals are scheduled for completion. Safer Shot expects to complete testing and begin production of the M-22 in early July.

The proprietary Safer Shot Non-Lethal Weapon and cartridge system, which were developed in Israel , use kinetic energy to incapacitate a target at a range of up to 22 ft. The Safer Shot ammunition breaks into a putty-like substance on impact, preventing it from breaking the skin, entering the body or causing long term injury to an assailant.

The M-22 Non-Lethal Weapon is designed to rest comfortably in the palm of your hand, where it can be pointed instinctively, like a flashlight, it is lightweight and ambidextrous. The duel shot M-22 gives the shooter the opportunity to fire, switch barrels and fire again almost instantaneously. The M-22 Non-lethal weapon's small size and light weight make it easy to deploy, it can be carried in a purse or pocket and can be pulled out and ready to use quickly.

About Safer Shot, Inc.

Safer Shot has developed a non-lethal weapon system that allows the user to incapacitate an assailant without risk of causing serious injury or death. The proprietary Safer Shot Non-Lethal Weapon and cartridge system, which were developed in Israel , use kinetic energy to incapacitate a target at a range of up to 22 ft, similar to a handgun. Safer Shot's short term growth strategy is to market three different versions of the technology, the duel shot M-22, the duel shot M-11 add on firing device which is designed to be mounted on a handgun and allows police or security personnel to carry a single weapon capable of successfully responding to a non-lethal, escalating or lethal environment and the personal safety single shot Mini. In addition to the Safer Shot Non-Lethal Weapon, the Company plans to identify, acquire and integrate manufacturers and developers of non-traditional weapons, weapon's accessories and security products for law enforcement, security personnel and consumers into their core business.

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