SSC Launches Assessment and Vulnerability Service in NY, NJ, CT

Shelton, Conn. July 17, 2007. SSC, Inc. (SSC),, the leader in security for the tri-state region, announced a comprehensive Vulnerability and Risk Assessment service to protect companies and institutions from the multi-billion dollar cost of security breaches and ensure compliance with new governmental regulations.

With security breaches at an all time yearly high of $100 billion, the exposure of corporations and institutions to security threats has never been greater, according to Michael Burbage, President of SSC.

SSC's Vulnerability and Risk Assessment service takes a new approach by examining security issues from an adversary's perspective and by analyzing all vulnerabilities; from the physical defense of a facility to computer networks to employee sabotage.

"The problem with most vulnerability and risk assessments is that they are too narrowly-focused, leaving companies open to a host of security problems," said Amit Gavish, SSC Senior Corporate Advisor for International Security Issues and a former Deputy Director of Security at the Office of the President of Israel. "A vulnerability and risk assessment service may be excellent at preventing cybercrime but fail to protect against physical threats. It might be focused on counterterrorism, but neglect internal threats. It's essential to have all the pieces in place for total protection."

SSC's Vulnerability and Risk Assessment service will define the physical, electronic and employee security measures that offer the greatest benefits for overall effective security.

"Using our vast experience in military, law enforcement, federal agencies and security research, we're able to understand how an enemy thinks -- and how an organization could be hurt," said Gavish. "This insures that no area is left vulnerable."

The SSC Vulnerability and Assessment team includes specialists with an average of 25 years experience in workplace violence, IT and information security, and counterterrorism, which provides for a complete security solution.

SSC's Vulnerability and Risk Assessment service includes a multi-step process:

• Identify and categorize all threats that are applicable and credible to the specific environment.
• Provide breach scenarios to expose current vulnerability points.
• Design security and emergency policies encompassing physical and technology elements, policies and procedures.
• Test policies and procedures from a worse-case scenario.
• Refine policies and procedures with periodic reevaluations.
• Provide action plan, implementation support and prevention. This includes a security solution report, implementation assistance and testing and practice against any identified threats.

SSC's Vulnerability and Risk Assessment is designed to help corporations comply with regulations and standards, including the Healthcare Information Privacy and Portability Act for health-care institutions, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act for financial and banking institutions and the Sarbanes-Oxley act for publicly traded companies with a market cap of greater than $75 million.

SSC can be reached at 1-800-360-3688 or