Unisys Security Index research looks at U.S. concerns

Research profiles citizens' concerns in areas of national, financial, and Internet security, plus personal safety

More Trouble for Banks: Consumers Still Fear Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud

The Unisys Security Index shows that financial institutions are not doing enough to protect consumers' pertinent financial information online and combat debit and credit card fraud.

A majority of Americans are extremely or very concerned (64 percent) about other people illegally obtaining and using their credit or debit cards. Further, seven in 10 Americans expressed the same level of concern about access to or misuse of personal information, remaining steady from the baseline study conducted in August 2007. Unease about online shopping and banking is highest among the baby boomer generation, with nearly half of all respondents between the age of 45-64 expressing apprehension.

Consequently, banks still need to better understand how to manage consumer concern about identify theft and credit card fraud.

"Given the financial crisis that banks find themselves in as a result of the sub-prime mortgage debacle, their bottom lines would be well-served if they could boost customers' confidence in online banking and other e-payment services," added Kelleher. "The financial services industry has yet to tackle this issue effectively. And given that recent studies show a majority of consumers are willing to switch banks to get better security, financial institutions must find new ways to combat fraud, protect people's identities, and educate consumers so they can expand the use of highly profitable online services."

About the Unisys Security Index

The Unisys Security Index is an ongoing study that provides insights into the attitudes of global consumers on a wide range of security related issues. International Communications Research (ICR) conducted the survey in the U.S. and Europe; Newspoll conducted the research in Asia-Pacific. The Unisys Security Index surveys 13,296 people in 14 countries. The study measures consumer perceptions on a scale of zero to 300, with 300 representing the highest level of perceived anxiety. In addition to the U.S., the Unisys Security Index includes consumers' opinions from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom and United States. For more information, please see www.unisyssecurityindex.com.