Blackwater Addresses Questions Concerning San Diego Training Facility

SAN DIEGO , May 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Blackwater Worldwide today sought to clarify misinformation and alleviate concerns that have surrounded a planned San Diego training facility. Recent news reports have cited questions from city officials and members of the community to which Blackwater would like to respond.

"We have no doubt that everyone from the Mayor to members of the local community wants what is best for the City of San Diego ," said Brian Bonfiglio , a Blackwater vice president who lives in San Diego . "We share that goal, which is why we want to provide San Diego , a city that has always supported its men and women in uniform, with a superior training facility. We have followed the proper procedures throughout the permitting process and look forward to clearing up some of the misunderstandings surrounding the project."

The following points address some of the key issues and questions that have surfaced in recent weeks:

Blackwater is committed to working with the people of San Diego and City officials to clarify any questions or misinformation that surround our work in San Diego . In doing so, over the past several days, Blackwater has sent extremely detailed letters to all city officials spelling out all relevant facts and providing exhaustive legal analysis. Copies of those letters will be made available on request.

Blackwater has followed all of the proper rules and processes for a training facility of this type, and City officials publicly have acknowledged that we have complied with the permitting process. Blackwater now hopes that it will be able to move forward with the important work of providing superior training for U.S. military and law enforcement personnel.

Founded in 1997 to support the training needs of the United States military and law enforcement communities, Blackwater has trained more than 100,000 local police officers, SWAT team members, homeland security professionals, and military personnel.

SOURCE Blackwater