Fostering Freedom and Justice in The Middle East

During Middle East Trip, President Bush Says Desire for Liberty Is the Greatest Weapon in the Fight Against Violent Extremism WASHINGTON, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, President Bush made remarks in Abu Dhabi about the...

America Is Using Its Influence To Foster Peace And Reconciliation In The Holy Land

Today, Israelis and Palestinians each understand that the only way to realize their own goals is by helping one another. An independent, viable, democratic, and peaceful Palestinian state is more than the aspiration of Palestinians. It is also the best guarantee of peace for all its neighbors - and the Israelis understand this.

America will do our part. By supporting the legitimate aspirations of both sides, we will encourage reconciliation between the Israeli and Palestinian people and between Israelis and Arabs, and build a foundation for lasting peace that will contribute to the security of every state in the region.

President Bush Used His Remarks To Speak Directly To The People Of The Middle East

The President reiterated his support for Palestinians' aspirations for a state of their own, and urged the Palestinian people to oppose the extremists and terrorists who represent the greatest threat to those aspirations. He pledged that the United States will help the Palestinian people build the institutions of democracy and prosperity.

The President reiterated that the United States will always stand with Israel in the face of terrorism and support it as it works to ensure the security of its people.

The President said America will continue to support Iraq as it builds the institutions of a free society, and together the United States , Iraq , and Coalition partners will defeat our common enemies.

The President called on the regime in Tehran to heed the will of the Iranian people and make itself accountable to them. The day will come when the people of Iran have a government that embraces liberty and justice, and Iran joins the community of free nations. When that day comes, Iran will have no better friend than the United States .

The President said the United States will stand with leaders across the Middle East as they confront terrorists and radicals. The United States urges these leaders to:

-- Join in committing the resources to help the Palestinians build the institutions of a free society.

-- Help the citizens of Lebanon preserve their government and their sovereignty in the face of outside pressure.

-- Show the Iraqis that they support them in their effort to build a more hopeful nation.

The United States will stand with the people of the Middle East . We share their desire for a free and prosperous future.

SOURCE White House Press Office