The security week that was: 1/11/08

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HR 3179, better known as the Local Preparedness Acquisition act, has been endorsed by SIA, but some have questioned whether the bill -- which would allow state and local governments to buy security equipment at reduced prices from the GSA-schedule -- would mean more business for their current, local integrators, or whether it would point state and local government security buyers to the traditional federal integrators who are adept at working GSA-type purchases. What do you think? Our quick poll is on the SIW homepage; tell us whether you think it would help or hurt the smaller, local integrators who may currently have these local government accounts.

Dumb criminal award
Stabbing yourself with stolen merchandise always gets applause

Occasionally, we recognize some of the dumbest criminals that make your lives easier. If only all LP cases were like this: A man entered a Michigan store and apparently shoplifted some hunting knives, placing them in his pants... While fleeing, the man tripped and -- big surprise here! -- the knives ripped into and disabled him, requiring a hospital visit and a misdemeanor charge. For that, Mr. Criminal, you get a big gold star. Thanks for helping out the loss prevention department.