VoiceInterop, Inc. Introduces X-Stream Access(TM)

BOCA RATON, Fla., Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- VoiceInterop, Inc., (www.voiceinterop.com) a provider of unified group communications for mission critical solutions, announced the introduction of X-Stream Access(TM), a managed service solution for emergency communications interoperability. Instead of investing large amounts of capital and resources to develop, deploy and manage a proprietary system, agencies will be able to subscribe to the more affordable X-Stream Access Service to support their statewide interoperability and radio upgrade plans.

The greatest hurdle for agencies seeking improved communications interoperability, following the SAFECOM process, is to design an achievable interoperability plan and secure the necessary funding to build it. Despite the $1 billion of PSIC funds appropriated by Congress for state interoperability projects (SIEC) this year, many local projects will remain unfunded because larger state projects have the necessary resources to create and submit an acceptable interoperable plan, putting them in the queue ahead of the local agencies and therefore absorbing the bulk of the funds.

X-Stream Access has been designed to provide unified group communications for interoperability following SAFECOM BSI guidelines, which utilizes the agencies existing communications infrastructure and linking it with other agencies on disparate radio channels or non-shared systems. The design will allow for secure managed interoperability between systems without the upfront expense of replacing existing infrastructure, which is beyond the agencies budget. X-Stream Access has been designed to be configurable and scalable to meet the needs of any dispatch and remote command environment.

"Most towns and cities across the United States view communications interoperability for their first responders as a critical priority, however due to budgetary constraints they cannot dedicate the necessary resources to secure their potential share of the $1 billion in grants that are available," said Larry Reid , President and CEO of VoiceInterop, Inc. "X-Stream Access will be the first secure, hosted subscription service of its kind, and it will enable towns and cities of any size to implement total communications interoperability at a fraction of the cost of buying and installing their own dedicated system."

X-Stream Access is powered by Twisted Pair Solution's WAVE(TM), the industry's most widely deployed group communications software solution available today. It is installed, used and trusted by governments, defense departments, public safety organizations and large commercial organizations the world over. WAVE unified group communications software is the power behind many of the industry's most advanced Voice-over-IP applications and the most secure and flexible solution for mission critical communications.

Using industry standard IP networks as the unifying medium, WAVE enables a multitude of traditionally disparate communications systems such as radios, traditional analog phone systems, new IP phone systems, PCs, PDAs and industry specific proprietary devices to all interoperate in a seamlessly coherent manner. Larry Reid , President & CEO of VoiceInterop, Inc. said, "X-Stream Access will provide a subscriber with secure access to a WAVE powered interoperability network located at a fully redundant, government compliant facility. Security will be assured through strict access controls and the network will be monitored 24/7/365 providing constant availability to the subscriber. Network installation and connection costs are minimal and monthly subscription fees can be kept to less than a few hundred dollars depending on the types of devices the subscriber desires to interconnect."

Tom Guthrie , President and CEO of Twisted Pair Solutions, said: "We are pleased that VoiceInterop is broadening the accessibility to WAVE. Offering WAVE as a managed service fills a major gap for the tens of thousands of communities and emergency agencies that need interoperability, but don't have the money for major capital investments or for 24x7 network and IT staff. X- Stream Access addresses all those concerns at a price point well below what the public safety market has seen for other solutions."

About VoiceInterop, Inc.

VoiceInterop, Inc. is a systems integrator for Twisted Pair Solutions, Inc. Twisted Pair designs and builds enterprise software solutions that enable interoperable group communications. Twisted Pair's WAVE software manages real- time, secure, group communications over the IP network, linking in people and devices. The application suite serves an unlimited variety of devices including radios, personal computers, cell phones, and IP phones and allows previously incompatible systems to work together seamlessly. In addition, Twisted Pair's management server capabilities enable robust device and user management leveraging IP as the protocol of choice for open, reliable and highly scaleable communications. VoiceInterop is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL USA. For more information contact Michael Gutowski at 561-922-3353 or visit www.voiceinterop.com or www.twistpair.com

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