Zippo Supports TSA Ruling Allowing Lighters in Cabins

BRADFORD, Pa., July 20 /PRNewswire/ -- In a statement released today, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) removed the ban on common lighters in the cabins of our nation's airplanes. Zippo Manufacturing Company, maker of the world famous windproof pocket lighter, supports this ruling and has been working diligently to provide the TSA with materials and information that, in effect, would allow the lighters back into the cabin.

"We have worked closely with the TSA and the Department of Transportation on this issue and are relieved to see the ban lifted in the United States ," said Greg Booth , president and CEO of Zippo Manufacturing Company. "We will continue to work with all national security agencies to ensure that the flying public remains safe and may purchase our reliable and durable products wherever they may travel."

The TSA release states that "lighters no longer pose a significant threat" to airport and air travel security.

Since December 2004 , the TSA has implemented Section 4025 of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, which banned all lighters from passenger cabins of commercial airfare. As a result, lighters were also banned in carry-on luggage. Zippo also worked intently to communicate with the TSA and legislators that no evidence supports filled or fueled lighters posed a hazardous threat in checked luggage.

"The work conducted by Zippo with support from Pennsylvania 5th District Rep. John Peterson and Pennsylvania Senators Arlen Specter and Robert Casey led to an exemption allowing lighters in carry-on luggage," Booth said.

"We applaud the TSA's focus on intently overseeing our nation's security issues and will continue to provide support and resources to ensure that the flying public remains as safe as possible," added Booth.

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