'Terrorism, Intelligence, & National Security': Author Explores Terrorism for the Layperson in New Book

MARLTON, N.J., July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Author Kerry Patton makes national security accessible for the average reader in his new book, "Terrorism, Intelligence, & National Security" (published by AuthorHouse - http://www.authorhouse.com).

Inspired by his niece's questions after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Patton began writing short stories based on his experiences in the United States Air Force. In Terrorism, Intelligence, & National Security he uses these stories as a segue into chapters which bring readers up to date on current affairs in national security.

One of Patton's gripping stories is the tale of David, an Israeli newspaper boy who faces the nightmare of a random bombing attack on his family's business. Readers will be enthralled by Father Mark's struggle to survive a guerilla attack in Columbia, and fascinated by the tale of Randy, a Chinese immigrant who seeks to shut down Chinese communism by hacking into the government's computer system.

Patton discusses the roots of terrorism in chapters such as "Terrorism Defined" and "History of Terrorism" in order to give readers a sense of the development of global intimidation. Clear-cut language and well-researched detail enlightens readers about the growth of terrorism and brings them up to date on its progress. In the second half of the book, Patton explores the current methods of combating terrorism through chapters titled "Changes to Current Counter Intelligence Practices" and "The Intelligence Reform."

"Terrorism, Intelligence, & National Security" seeks to provide a wake-up call to Americans regarding the history and possible future of terrorism's effect on their lives. Patton concludes with an eye-opening look at China and the likeliness of a second Cold War. "One should expect that if the war on terrorism ever ends, the likeliness of a second Cold War will become inevitable. The second Cold War's players will most likely be the United States and China . This Cold War will occur not because of Middle Eastern terrorists, but because of the ability China has to hold on to historical principles, such as Maoism," says Patton.

Patton has served in the United States Air Force and the federal government more than 14 years. He has taught members of the National Security Agency, Defense Security Services Agency, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Agency, and numerous state and local law enforcement agencies in anti-terrorism and force protection matters. He has a bachelor's degree from American Military University in intelligence studies with a concentration in terrorism and a master's degree in strategic intelligence with a concentration in global terrorism. "Terrorism, Intelligence, & National Security" is his first book.

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