ASIS Publishes 'Security Surveys'

ASIS International, the preeminent organization for security professionals worldwide, has published "Security Surveys" by William R. Floyd, CPP.

In today's world, every business, large and small, faces enormous challenges. Many businesses fail to survive due to economic and/or poor managerial reasons. Many more fail, however, due to losses suffered from external and internal sources, such as theft, interruption of operations, personnel problems, or liability issues, including those brought about by violence in the workplace. To protect their assets, business managers must develop adequate security measures and programs that will counter the many risks with which they are confronted.

Customers, visitors and employees alike are seeking and receiving damages from businesses that are negligent in providing adequate security, or in failing to foresee and prevent crime, injury and loss. The most reliable tool for determining adequacy and foreseeability is the security survey.

"Security Surveys" will help you protect your company's assets. You will learn what data must be gathered and studied prior to actually visiting a site and conducting the survey, and how best to analyze the security features of your property, structures, physical features, environment, operating procedures and internal controls.

Mr. Floyd, of Murfreesboro, Tenn., is a retired Navy chief warrant officer and a member of ASIS since 1976. He has served as chapter chairman, regional vice president and member of the Certification (CPP) Board. He has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Memphis State University (now University of Memphis). His 24 years of security experience includes assignments with the Defense Intelligence Agency, director of security for Genesco Inc., and director of loss prevention for the Sherwin-Williams Co.

"Security Surveys" is available for $62 to ASIS members and $88 for non-members. It may be ordered by calling 412-741-1495 and requesting item # 1789, or online from the ASIS Store at 384-page softcover book includes a CD-ROM with downloadable surveys.

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