Tri-S Security Subsidiary Awarded $56.0 Million Contract for Federal Facilities in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia

ATLANTA , April 8, 2008 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Tri-S Security Corp. (Nasdaq: TRIS), a provider of security services and equipment for government and private entities, today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Paragon Systems, Inc. ("Paragon"), has been awarded a new contract with the U.S. Department of the Homeland Security, for Washington DC , Maryland and Northern Virginia , for $56.0 million. Paragon will begin the contract June 1, 2008 . The contract will run for five years at an estimated $11.2 million per year.

Paragon will provide security services for federal government facilities throughout the Washington DC area and the states of Maryland and Northern Virginia . Over 180 armed and unarmed officers will be deployed to the various locations.

The three main sites in the Washington, DC area include the National Headquarters of the Department of Education, the National Headquarters of the International Trade Commission, the FDA and the USDA. Paragon will also provide security for various DEA and FBI offices.

This award increases the total contracts earned by Paragon to approximately $363 million since January 1, 2008 . This total includes the State of Georgia at $58 million, the Social Security Administration at $220 million, the Southern Region of California up to $29.4 million and now Washington, DC , Maryland and Northern Virginia , at $56 million.

"Not only does this contract continue to show the Federal Government's confidence in Paragon but also provides the Company with a footprint in two new states, Maryland and Virginia ," said Ronald Farrell , CEO, Tri-S Security Corp. Mr. Farrell also stated that all three of the previously announced contracts have started and are fully operational.

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Based in Atlanta, GA , Tri-S Security Corp. (Nasdaq: TRIS) is a provider of security services and equipment for government and private entities spanning a wide range of industries. The government sector is serviced through its wholly-owned subsidiary Paragon Systems and the private sector through its subsidiary Cornwall Group. Security services include uniformed guards, electronic monitoring systems, personnel protection, access control, crowd control and the prevention of sabotage, terrorist and criminal activities. As a leading aggregator of elite security companies, Tri-S Security is designed to build a strong enterprise in which to service a unique customer base that ensures America's safety at home and work. Tri-S Security assumes responsibility for the marketing, infrastructure and overall operational performance for its subsidiaries. Tri-S Security's management leverages highly trained government officers, experienced industry leaders, proven financial executives and infrastructure experts to consolidate the fragmented security industry into one efficient and effective security force.

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