LIFESTYLE PETS Introduces the Titan Family Protector, a Uniquely Trained Family Protection Dog Priced at $85,000

WILMINGTON, Del. , April 8, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- LIFESTYLE PETS, the company that sells unique and rare pets that includes the first scientifically tested hypoallergenic cat and the exotic ASHERA feline, announces the availability of the TITAN Family Protector dog.

The TITAN Family Protector dog from LIFESTYLE PETS aims to provides a frontline deterrent to any criminal or harmful intent. Through the use of professionally and extensively trained German Shepherds, a TITAN Family Protector Dog provides an extra level of security where it is needed most. At the same time, the TITAN Family Protector is a friendly, lovable and loyal canine companion for all the family.

The company's founder, Simon Brodie , is already seeing a demand for this unique type of dog, which has a waiting list exceeding six months: "The reality is that many families and individuals recognize the need for more extensive security measures. Many homes now incorporate state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to protect both family and property, but even with high-tech surveillance equipment in place, their home or family often requires additional peace of mind. That's where the LIFESTYLE PETS TITAN Family Protector German Shepherd dog comes in."

The price of a standard TITAN Family Protector German Shepherd is US$85,000. The rarer TITAN Protector Ultra, priced at US$120,000, is similar to the standard TITAN Family Protector but is certified to be breed from one of the world's top champion German Shepherd bloodlines.

Continues Brodie: "These are exceptional dogs. One should consider that it takes two years to train a TITAN, which only begins once we have selected the best German Shepherds in the world."

Included in the purchase of a TITAN Family Protector dog, in addition to the standard warranties and guarantees provided with all LIFESTYLE PETS animals, is worldwide delivery and a three day orientation/training session for the client by a certified TITAN Family Protector trainer.

The TITAN Family Protector now joins the company's other pets, which include the ALLERCA GD hypoallergenic cat (priced between $6,000 and $31,000), the JABARI GD hypoallergenic dog (priced at $15,000) and different variations of the exotic ASHERA cat (priced between $22,000 and $130,000).

Says Brodie: "While the price may seem high, this is not usually an issue for our clients. We sell an average of ten of our exotic ASHERA domestic cats each month, and they are priced as high as $130,000. Even at $85,000, the TITAN Family Protector dog is selling well. After all, what price can you put on your family's safety?"

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SOURCE Lifestyle Pets Inc.