Artesys and VRcontext Announce a Jointly Developed Product Interface

PARIS , April 7, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- France -based Artesys International and Belgium -based VRcontext S.A. have released a bidirectional interface for their flagship products -- OPIDIS(TM) and Walkinside(R), respectively.

OPIDIS is a TAG-centric open application that interfaces with 3D models or ERP / CMMS applications to support the operation and maintenance stages of the plant asset lifecycle process. Walkinside is the leading Virtual Reality software for representing complex and massive industrial facilities from diverse sources.

An intuitive interface between the two software solutions provides operators ready access to all plant documents and information using hyperlinks that OPIDIS automatically places inside documents or by clicking on functionally tagged components in the Walkinside 3D VR model. All documents are indexed and graphically linked to 3D objects, enabling users to instantly navigate in and out of the model and directly to their information.

"This interface immediately puts a comprehensive data repository -- from diverse sources and multiple formats -- at an operator's fingertips, and it is especially useful for increasing plant safety and regulatory compliance," said Daniel Coquelin , CEO of Artesys International.

"With this innovative solution, two-way communication is now possible between all documents and their associated 3D virtual model representation, providing an unprecedented opportunity for improving efficiency and for reducing the risk and cost associated with complex operations," added Francois Lagae , Chairman and CEO of VRcontext.

About Artesys International

Artesys International ( helps industrial site owners and operators improve safety and compliance levels and optimize operations and maintenance by managing the technical content associated with their facilities.

About VRcontext S.A.

VRcontext S.A. ( is a privately owned company that develops virtual reality software applications for the oil and gas, process, energy, and homeland security markets.

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