EyeMax NightVision Radar Solutions Protect Automotive Assets

ATLANTA , Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Professional criminals are targeting auto dealerships, auto auctions and salvage yards as the market for stolen parts and materials grows.

That's why EyeMax Security Solutions, out of Alpharetta, GA. has partnered with ground based radar companies to provide this technology to auto dealers, auto auctions and salvage yard operators to protect their property and detect intruders before they strike.

The company recently unveiled its latest innovation -- ground based radar with night vision cameras supported by live security guard monitoring. Company CEO Robert Stanley said that this technology has been used extensively by Homeland Security and the military and has just been released for commercial applications. The system installed costs less than an on-site security guard and is much more reliable and cost effective, Stanley said.

EyeMax Security has the exclusive rights to market this technology to the automotive industry.

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SOURCE EyeMax Security Solutions