IP Case in Point: Scaling Surveillance with Network Video

When a Texas school district needed surveillance, networked video fit the bill

Managing footage is easier with a network system because it is centrally stored. Footage is easily retrievable and has the capacity to handle large storage needs. The district recorded all of its footage on servers at each campus. An analog system would have likely proven to be overwhelming because each school would have had several DVR systems, each requiring backup maintenance and creating challenges with central monitoring of video across a school district.

Making a Positive Impact

Thanks in part to the installation of a more advanced network video system, the Northside School Independent School District has seen a decrease in discipline issues throughout its high schools. As a result, the District hopes to expand the system even further in the near future.

On May 12, 2007, voters overwhelmingly approved a 2007 School Bond Package to extend the network-based surveillance system into all middle schools. The system will be scaled throughout its facilities and will duplicate the new systems currently being used in the high schools. In addition, a future Bond election could include plans to expand the system through the District's 57 elementary schools.

The Northside Independent School District's choice to utilize a network-based system has allowed them to build out a successful surveillance effort within their high schools to support the safety and security of their students and staff, and has left the door open for easy expansion and growth with existing and new schools in the future.