Registered Traveler Program Hub Surpasses 100,000 Enrollments

ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 3, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- AAAE's Central Information Management System (CIMS), the secure, efficient and trusted network that links airports running the TSA Registered Traveler (RT) program and their locally contracted service providers, recently processed its 100,000th passenger enrollment record, a significant milestone for the growing RT program.

CIMS allows approved service providers to deliver interoperable RT services at participating airports across the country. This means that a passenger can enroll in any provider's RT program and seamlessly use all of the RT lanes around the country.

"A reliable, interoperable Registered Traveler program that meets the highest security standards is a significant benefit to airports and the traveling public," said AAAE President Charles Barclay . "We are committed to maintaining the efficiency and integrity of the RT program by keeping CIMS working flawlessly and continuing to work closely with the RT service providers and TSA."

Currently, AAAE, through its Transportation Security Clearinghouse (TSC) subsidiary, has agreements with five RT service providers. Three of them, Verified Identity Pass (Clear), Unisys, and Vigilant, offer RT services at a total of 17 U.S. airports.

"Enabling each Registered Traveler member to use any participating airport's service offering is a key part of what makes the program appealing to travelers," said Steven Brill , CEO and founder of Clear. "We now have 128,000 people signed up online, and more than 100,000 have now taken the next step and completed the in-person phase of enrollment and been sent through the CIMS. AAAE and its CIMS have been performing flawlessly in their role of connecting Clear customers to the Registered Traveler program. In fact, even though our volume has soared in recent weeks, they are actually getting faster in processing our new members."

The CIMS, part of TSC, is responsible for several key RT functions, including processing all records, interfacing with the TSA for background checks, ensuring a chain of trust from vetted enrollments and issued credentials, and sending alerts to all service providers regarding revoked credentials.

The accuracy of the CIMS is critical to the efficiency and security of the RT program. By binding a registered traveler's identity to a biometrically verifiable and encrypted smart card, airports and TSA can be sure, every time, that the appropriate individual is cleared and receiving the benefits of the program. Thanks to CIMS, the RT program has never permitted someone to go through an RT checkpoint that has not been vetted and approved by the TSA background screening system and verified as being currently eligible to receive RT benefits.

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