Dominican College Provides Anytime, Anywhere Broadband Access to Students, Faculty and Staff Via Siemens HiPath Wireless Platfor

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Scalability, enhanced mobility and ease of use were key factors in Dominican College's recent decision to deploy the HiPath(R) Wireless platform from Siemens Communications, Inc. With help from...

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Scalability, enhanced mobility and ease of use were key factors in Dominican College's recent decision to deploy the HiPath(R) Wireless platform from Siemens Communications, Inc. With help from local consultant and integrator Mathe, Inc., Dominican has seamlessly delivered a wide range of sophisticated mobile services and applications to students, faculty, staff and guests-all on a limited budget and with a small IT staff.

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Dominican College, located 17 miles north of New York City , was founded in 1952 and has steadily grown to its current community of 1,700 students and 300 faculty and staff. Over the past year, the college has undertaken an extensive capital improvement program across its 20-acre campus, including the construction of large, new dormitories as well as the renovation of established buildings and facilities.

Faced with a decision about its communications system, Dominican College's Executive Director of Information Technology Russell Diaz contacted Mark Hicks , founder and principal at Mathe, Inc., a qualified Siemens reseller and integration partner. "Both Siemens and Mathe invested a lot of time listening to our specific requirements," Diaz said. "They then presented to us the Siemens solution tailored to fit our needs exactly - both now and in the future. The HiPath Wireless platform stood out significantly against the competition with its simple, easy-to-use administrative tools. You don't need a PhD to operate the system in-house, and Siemens' support has been there every time we've needed them."

One need that drove its decision to deploy Siemens' HiPath Wireless network was to sharpen its competitive edge by offering ubiquitous, mobile Internet access. "Wireless broadband across campus is a great selling feature to attract students to Dominican College and was a big reason they went with wireless," Hicks said.

The anytime, anywhere broadband access capabilities provided by the wireless platform offer the entire Dominican College community the opportunity to be more mobile and productive. "Education, almost by definition, is a collaborative effort," Hicks said. "So anything supporting and enhancing collaboration is worthwhile. What's more, the entire community can be more productive if it's not constrained by where, when or how it gets work done."

The college's HiPath Wireless solution comprises a single HiPath Wireless C2400 Controller and 60 HiPath Wireless 2610 IP Access Points (APs) with internal antennas. Initially deployed in the campus library and new dormitories, the next phase will blanket Dominican's campus in a Wi-Fi mesh, increasing the number of APs to 150 and putting to use the new, weather- hardened Siemens HiPath Wireless Outdoor Access Point. The expanded network will take wireless access outdoors from everyday use on the campus commons to athletic events and the college's open-air graduation ceremonies.

Included in the solution is the HiPath Wireless Convergence Software, enabling Diaz's team to easily set up Virtual Network Segmentation that provides differentiated provisioning and policy control across various user groups, such as students, faculty, staff and guests. For additional security, Diaz deployed HiPath HiGuard software for authentication and AP compliance. The software constantly senses the network to identify and isolate rogue and ad hoc Wi-Fi APs and networks. Overall, the new solution has helped Dominican College avoid tens of thousands of dollars in cabling costs for separate phone and wired broadband networks.

Once the second phase of the HiPath Wireless deployment is complete, the college plans to run additional applications and services over the network. "Voice capabilities are definitely on our list," Diaz said. "Our ultimate goal is to leverage each of Dominican's IT programs to provide the greatest value to everyone involved. The new wireless network will enable me to join multiple IT initiatives together, allowing me to get a lot more bang for my buck."

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