Monterey Institute of International Studies Sees 10x Network Performance Gains With PWT-IT Solution's 3Com Powered Data Network

SAN JOSE , Calif., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- PWT-IT Solutions Inc., a leading IT resource solution provider and 3Com(R) Gold service partner, announced today the completion of a new data network (and VoIP network preparation) overhaul for the...

SAN JOSE , Calif., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- PWT-IT Solutions Inc., a leading IT resource solution provider and 3Com(R) Gold service partner, announced today the completion of a new data network (and VoIP network preparation) overhaul for the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

The Monterey Institute, located in Monterey, Calif., is widely recognized as one of the most academically prestigious language, business, and international policy studies schools in the country. The Institute's graduates include prominent members of the U.S. Foreign Service, as well as leaders in the international business community. With its four graduate schools, multiple research centers, numerous special programs, and affiliate link to Middlebury College in Middlebury, VT, the Institute's voice communication and data network are an integral part of the college's overall service programs.

"As with most schools that have evolved over the past few decades, the Institute has grown and added technology on the fly to meet an ever-increasing demand for more sophisticated communications and data services," said John Grunder , director, Information Technology Services. "For the last couple of years we have assessed the need for and planned the replacement of our existing campus multi-vendor switch and equipment network with a single homogeneous vendor solution.

"By doing so, we will be able to increase the speed of the campus backbone, providing a solid base for new instructional initiatives, including online instruction and streaming video. Additionally, a new network will enable us to lay the groundwork to replace our old analog telephone system with VoIP technology. The real challenge was finding a vendor that could provide a cost effective solution in real-time and the PWT-IT team did just that."

Using the Institute's current fiber and copper infrastructure, and repurposing older but still productive network equipment, PWT-IT was able to seamlessly install the new 3Com 8807 switch into the existing network structure integrating, upgrading, and expanding the Cisco wireless border network equipment, delivering an overall 10x gain in network throughput while incurring no significant system downtime.

"The Monterey Institute has been assessing and forecasting their network needs for the last two years and has invested months in an extensive review," said Rany Polany, President of PWT-IT Solutions, Inc. "Following diligent and collaborative discussions, with the participation of Stephen Jurwich (network engineer and sales consultant) and Michael Nesbitt (3Com Strategic Account Manager) PWT-IT Engineering services developed a strategic plan that addressed both near and long-term IT objectives for the Institute.

"Through this close team-oriented collaboration, and keen understanding of the network, PWT-IT was able to present the best overall solution," Polany said. " David Ricci , Technical Project Manager at PWT-IT, led our team of engineers in implementing the system design and solution package that Mr. Grunder and the Institute executive team had envisioned. It was a great collaborative effort and like open heart surgery, took place while the campus was running and the network, online."

More than 85 percent of Monterey Institute students rely on laptop computers for daily curriculum and research work. The Institute needed a robust and secure wireless network that would allow students, staff and visitors cross-campus access to data and communications. Leveraging the 3Com 8807 server, PWT-IT was able to implement a new network that supports the multiple gigabit back-haul IDF building switches.

"The Monterey Institute has a large percentage of international students enrolled on campus, and that poses some unique challenges to the network and security," said Michael Nesbitt . "Along with the standard hacker concerns every IT manager has to thwart, the Institute wireless network requires constant security monitoring to prevent new virus outbreaks and any malicious network traffic. The Institute opted to go with a Packeteer(R) PacketShaper(R) to manage network traffic flows out to the Internet and is reviewing TippingPoint as a future add-on."

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