Former CIA and NSA Executives Join Advisory Board of Centrifuge Systems

MCLEAN, Va., April 2, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Centrifuge Systems, Inc., a leading provider of next generation business intelligence software, announced today that distinguished intelligence community veterans David W. Carey and Edward A. Hart have joined its advisory board. This elite advisory board will provide the company with strategic guidance as it expands its presence in government and commercial markets.

Mr. Carey is a 32-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency, most recently serving as Executive Director from 1997 to 2001 where he was responsible for everything from strategic planning to daily operations. Before assuming that post, Mr. Carey was Director and one of the founders of the DCI Crime and Narcotics Center, the Director of the Office of Near Eastern and South Asian Analysis and Deputy Director of the Office of Global Issues. During his illustrious career, he earned the CIA Director's medal, the DIA Director's medal, CIA's Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal and twice was awarded CIA's Distinguished Intelligence Medal.

Mr. Hart is a 32-year veteran of the National Security Agency where he served in a wide variety of increasingly complex and responsible positions, beginning in research and development and culminating as Deputy Director heading one of two NSA mission operations. He developed timely and economical solutions for assured security for all classified information systems of the United States government from the President through Diplomatic Missions and Embassies, the National Command Authority, the U.S. Military, NATO and Coalition force structures, and the Intelligence Community.

"Centrifuge represents a significant breakthrough in the area of information analysis. Analysts regularly face the daunting task of navigating through and understanding massive amounts of data. Centrifuge's visualization technology enables this in a remarkable and effective way and allows for much needed collaboration," said Mr. Carey .

Mr. Hart added, "Today more than ever, organizations need better approaches for producing actionable knowledge quickly. This technology presents a new and innovative approach that has been well received by their customer base for its ease of use and effectiveness."

"We are honored to have such highly-respected, prominent leaders join this advisory board. Their willingness to lend their expertise, guidance, and insight is a testament to Centrifuge's growth opportunities," said Guljit Khurana, CEO of Centrifuge Systems. "Both Dave and Ed have extensive experience with the data analysis challenges faced by the community today. We look forward to their counsel as Centrifuge continues to expand its presence in this sector."

About Centrifuge:

Centrifuge Systems is a leading provider of next generation business intelligence software that helps organizations discover insights, patterns and relationships hidden in their data. The unique Centrifuge approach allows users to ask open ended questions of their data by interacting with visual representations of the data directly.

Traditional business intelligence solutions require users to define what they want to see in advance and present the results in static dashboards. With Centrifuge, users determine what is of interest "on the fly", then manipulate the displays directly in a highly interactive fashion. The experience is refreshingly easy-to-use and the resulting insights can be extraordinary.

Centrifuge is used in some of the most demanding applications in the world, including counter-terrorism and homeland defense, to help analysts move from data to discovery.

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