videoNEXT Launches New Video Analytics Solution, v-IQ(TM)

LAS VEGAS and CHANTILLY, Va., April 2, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- ISC West 2008, Booth #20138 -- videoNEXT, a developer of innovative security management solutions, today announced its new video analytics solution, v-IQ(TM), designed to accurately mine and evaluate critical events amidst a massive amount of video data.

videoNEXT developed v-IQ as a result of years of research and development (R&D) and partnerships with leading universities, computer vision scientists and an exclusive cooperative R&D initiative with the U.S. Army Research Lab. videoNEXT has broken down the video analytic dilemma into two components. The first is the actual object tracking, down via advanced ground subtraction algorithms to isolate objects from the background. The second is the logic used to determine what the object is doing. Applying this two-step method allows videoNEXT to easily tailor its advanced video algorithms for use in a multitude of environments. These v-IQ modules can be applied in real-time or in a forensic search to recognize many behaviors, such as: abandoned objects, velocity and count of objects, access control tailgating, directional violations, zone of protection violation and camera-to-camera object hand off.

"Surveillance video technology is a valuable physical security method for facilities, however, it is the ability to analyze these videos that provides the real value to an organization," said David Marra , chief technology officer at videoNEXT. "Our v-IQ solution offers advanced analytical capabilities to enable users of our Security Knowledge Manager(TM) (SKM(TM)) solution to easily detect and prevent potential events or to review video for forensic purposes."

videoNEXT's SKM is an open, standards-based software solution that works with almost any IP, digital or analog camera, runs on any Intel or compatible server and uses an organization's existing security and data infrastructure in new and powerful ways. It provides the easiest and most scalable IP surveillance and security solution available today. Combining this with full policy-level administration and a flexible high availability Storage Volume Manager -- organizations now have a highly capable, powerful, scalable and easy- to-use surveillance and security tool.

About videoNEXT

videoNEXT is a developer of enterprise-class software for commercial, government and military facilities. The company's flagship software platform, Security Knowledge Manager(TM) (SKM(TM)), leverages a classical IT approach to video and sensor content management for capturing, organizing, storing and displaying video and sensor data. videoNEXT enhances enterprise-level security management and control using brand-independent hardware and networks. Founded in 2002, the company is headquartered in Chantilly, Va. and is a member of the Open Security Exchange (OSE). For more information on videoNEXT, visit or call 703-657-1200.