Naval Postgraduate School Holds Successful Tests With Vivato(TM) Networks Wi-Fi Base Station

PORTLAND , Ore., April 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Catcher Holdings, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CTHH), ( ), a leading provider of standards-based solutions that address high-speed mobile computing for the harshest and most demanding application environments, today announced the successful completion of a third round of tests for the company's extended range Wi-Fi system at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, California. The battery of tests, which is part of the Cooperative Operations and Applied Science & Technology Studies (COASTS) international field experimentation program, is designed to determine the best technical methodologies for establishing and maintaining ship to shore, perimeter security and streaming video situation assessment communications to support humanitarian assistance, peacekeeping, and force protection missions.

Gary Haycox, chief executive officer of Catcher Holdings, commented, "We believe the coverage and extended range capabilities of our Wi-Fi base station with Packet Steering(TM) technology is adding new life for Wi-Fi communications. While many still believe that Wi-Fi technology is limited to a communication range measured in hundreds of meters, tests such as these further prove our unique phase array antenna technology is capable of extended range measured in thousands of meters for highly effective outdoor Wi-Fi deployments. We look forward to continued work with NPS and the other COASTS partners to ensure interoperability which ensures pervasive communications in these ground breaking applications."

Ryan Hale , a systems integrator and network engineer with Mercury Data Systems, which was involved in the testing, commented, "Maintaining reliable data communications is critical during catastrophic events, whether natural or man made. We were giving up on Wi-Fi for the requirements of extended range and coverage; however, through experimentation, we have found that the Catcher Holdings, Vivato Wi-Fi solution exceeded our expectations. We have accomplished more in two weeks of testing with the Vivato antenna technology than in the previous three years using other technologies."

The ability to share data across an extended range IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi network potentially enhances tactical humanitarian and military operations in a variety of scenarios. The COASTS program functions to test and evaluate commercial technologies such as the Vivato base station. This year's experiment will occur in South East Asia with numerous international partners focusing in part on maritime and littoral settings and ship-to-shore applications.

About Catcher Holdings, Inc.

Catcher Holdings, Inc. is a leading provider of standards-based solutions that address high-speed mobile computing for the harshest and most demanding application environments. The Company combines Vivato(TM) Networks patented Packet Steering(TM) phase array Wi-Fi base stations with the CATCHER(R) family of command and control platforms to address technology requirements where ruggedized, mobile computing devices and high-speed Wi-Fi network connectivity are required.

The capabilities of both product families provide synergies in application solutions -- such as location based, biometric management and video surveillance -- yielding a systems level approach to address the unique mobile computing, communications and application solutions needs of multiple market segments. Customers in a wide range of markets including military, homeland security, integrated public safety, municipal, transportation and logistics benefit from true systems level solutions, addressing the harshest and most demanding mobile application environments. Catcher is headquartered in Portland , Oregon with research and development facilities in Austin, TX . Additional information on Catcher Holdings, Inc. can be viewed at .

About Vivato(TM) Networks

Vivato Networks, a division of Catcher Holdings, Inc., is a wireless systems infrastructure company utilizing innovative signal processing and antenna design to deliver patented Packet Steering(TM) phase array Wi-Fi base stations. Vivato's unique patented technology uses a smart phased-array antenna to create six highly directed, narrow beams of Wi-Fi, enabling cost-effective, large-scale indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi deployments for metros, government, military, homeland security, integrated public safety, transportation logistics, construction sites, warehouses and universities. Vivato Wi-Fi base stations are able to reach Wi-Fi clients within distances over 2.5 miles (4 kilometers). Additional information about Vivato Networks is available at .

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