Center for Individual Freedom Condemns Air Force Tanker Contract Decision

ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 1, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Center for Individual Freedom President Jeffrey Mazzella today released the following statement criticizing the recent decision by the Air Force to award the aerial refueling tanker contract to EADS:

"The United States Air Force made a huge mistake by awarding a European-based company the contract to build our military's next generation of aerial refueling tankers. The decision raises serious national security questions for our nation.

"EADS is owned in part by the French, German and Russian governments, countries that have not always supported our foreign policies. In fact, representatives of those countries sit on EADS' board.

"Building this tanker involves sensitive technology that must be kept in the United States . European companies are not subject to the same export regulations as U.S. companies. That means that EADS could potentially export our military's technology to countries such as China , Iran and Venezuela .

"The contract decision threatens not only our national security, but also our economic security. By choosing the EADS plane over The Boeing Company's KC-767, the Air Force has chosen to outsource at least 19,000 American jobs to Europe . At a time when the U.S. economy is slowing, we need to keep jobs here at home.

"The Air Force made the wrong decision by awarding this contract to EADS and it must be re-evaluated so that our national security and our economic security are not put at risk."

SOURCE Center for Individual Freedom