The security week that was: 07/18/08

[ editor Geoff Kohl is taking some “regularly scheduled maintenance downtime” this week, and the leaders of Security Dealer & Integrator magazine – Peter Harlick (publisher) and Deborah O’Mara (editor) – have agreed to fill in for him and weigh in on trends affecting systems integrators and security dealers.]

If you drive a car, you know how the run up in gasoline prices has put a dent in your budget. How is it affecting the alarm and security installers across the country? SIW’s assistant editor Joel Griffin talked to several companies to get a sense of how they are coping and how they are changing some of their businesses models to adapt to this new reality. Also, take a moment to check out our nifty chart on U.S.-manufactured fleet vehicles and see how they stack up on fuel efficiency and other costs of operation.

Also take a moment to welcome a new contributor to, John Honovich, who publishes a site entitled John presents some fascinating insights in his first piece for us (provocatively entitled), “Is Public CCTV Effective?”

Partners unite to Provide Security for Guatamalan Orphanage
Heart and minds—and DMP and Atlas

Sometimes we have to look beyond our comfort zone to get a real understanding of what’s happening across the globe. We found a great story—one that touches on hearts and minds—the community goodwill work that is being pioneered by Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) and Atlas Security, both based in Springfield, Mo.

Four years ago Claire and Larry Boggs were robbed at machine gun point while at the orphanage that they operate in Solola, Guatemala. Since that time, they have been looking for a way to get a proper security system installed on the campus to protect their workers and children.

The Boggs have been caring for Guatemalan children and securing adoptive families for them in the U.S. for almost 30 years. Larry grew up working in his father’s central station in Wichita, Kan. Last year Larry and Claire discussed their needs with the folks from DMP and Atlas Security. The people they talked to decided to create a program to see if they could lend a hand to provide for this need.

“After talking to Larry and Claire and understanding their needs and the children’s need for security, I decided that surely we could make this a win-win-win situation for everyone,” said Operation Security Blanket Director Mark Hillenburg. “The end goal of course is for the children, who would be the real winners. That is why we have taken on this special project.” Hillenburg is a product architect at DMP.

After visiting the orphanage in April of 2008 and seeing the needs of this special project first hand, the group decided to see if they could attract some additional industry manufacturers to support the effort. Atlas Security is overseeing and organizing the installation efforts during a trip that is planned for March of 2009 and DMP is providing the intrusion products that will be required.

“We are specifically looking for a wire manufacturer and someone to provide digital video,” said Hillenburg, “among several other needs. Security Dealer & Integrator (SD&I) magazine has been gracious enough to underwrite the project by providing us with a feature article on the installation, including the products and the participating companies, upon the completion of the installation.”

A non-profit organization and supporter of the orphanage will be overseeing the donations and making sure that all the participating companies receive proper tax deductions for their generosity toward this important project we call “Operation Security Blanket.”

For more information, or to find out how to get involved, contact Mark Hillenburg or visit OperationSecurityBlanket

ESX for 2009
Editor’s note: Be sure to mark your calendar for the next ESX show—Sail to Success-- June 24 to 26, 2009 in Baltimore and again cosponsored by NBFAA and CSAA. Here’s our scoop: the exhibit dates have been changed to Wednesday, June 24 and Thursday, June 25. In an effort to continually improve ESX, EH Events, show producer, will also be hosting lunch for paid conferees and others on the exhibit floor June 24 and 25. The conference program schedule has also been adjusted to reduce conflict between sessions and exhibits and allow for an average of three hours of dedicated show floor time each day. These changes will mean even more face to face time with the high quality attendees that exhibitors meet at ESX. Visit for more details.

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