Cincinnati Sees Big Results with PIPS Technology

UNIVERSITY PARK, Ill., March 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Federal Signal Corporation's Safety and Security Systems Group, a leader in advancing security and well-being, today announced that the Cincinnati Police Department has deployed Federal Signal PIPS automated license plate recognition (ALPR) technology to identify stolen vehicles and wanted individuals, locate vehicles with revenue due to the City for outstanding parking citations, provide an enhanced crime analysis tool, and to serve as an overall crime deterrent.

The City has read more than 300,000 plates over the past five months, found over 8,000 vehicles of interest to law enforcement, and arrested about 300 suspects. Among the more notable results, the system has been credited with helping to apprehend a homicide suspect, bank robber and a copper thief. "We're not doing dead-end leads anymore," said Captain Jeff Butler of the Cincinnati Police Department. "We're going with a purpose because there's a high likelihood that someone is going to be there."

Based on the early success of the first system, seven additional installations are underway, and there are plans to expand the system to include fixed camera locations throughout Cincinnati .

"Federal Signal's advanced ALPR technology, which is widely deployed in Europe , continues to gain traction here in North America ," said Michael K. Wons, vice president and general manager of Federal Signal's Public Safety Systems Division. "Forward-thinking police departments such as Cincinnati continue to turn to Federal Signal for total-system solutions that enable law enforcement leaders to enhance the level of protection they offer their communities."

Locating vehicles of interest was the initial push for the system within Cincinnati ; however, the benefits of the Federal Signal PIPS Back Office System Software (BOSS) has quickly gained the attention of the City for its investigative potential. As an example, a report on a copper burglary included an eyewitness account of a vehicle leaving the scene of the crime. Using the vehicle's license plate number, Cincinnati PD was able to locate when and where the suspect had been seen around the City. Seeing a cluster of sightings of the vehicle in a particular location, they were able to set up surveillance and apprehend the suspect.

In addition to locating stolen vehicles and taking wanted individuals off the street, the system is being used to locate vehicles with outstanding parking citations. The current tab on outstanding citations currently represents over $1 million due to the City. In only 30 days, another city that equipped patrol cars with Federal Signal ALPR technology was able to locate vehicles with almost $750,000 of associated outstanding citations. Cincinnati expects to see similar results from their system.

BOSS also provides data sharing and multi-jurisdictional search capabilities across other agencies that have deployed Federal Signal PIPS systems. As a result, many other agencies have expressed interest in PIPS Technology and plan to deploy systems in the near future.

See Federal Signal PIPS in action in Cincinnati online at .

The Codespear-enabled Federal Signal PIPS ALPR system is part of the Federal Signal Public Safety Systems interoperability platform.


FS PIPS Technology, a Federal Signal Company, is a pioneer and the international market leader in the design and manufacture of automated license plate recognition technology and optical character recognition software. With over 12,000 cameras installed worldwide, PIPS continues to set the standard for both mobile and fixed system deployments across a wide range of applications. For more information visit .

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