CBS 2 Investigation Leads to Sweeping Arrests and Federal Raids

CHICAGO , Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- CBS 2 Investigative Reporter Dave Savini's and Producer Michele Youngerman's year-long series and hidden-camera investigation, "Fly At Your Own Risk," has resulted in sweeping arrests and raids and an on-going federal probe. The series of exclusive news reports, which began in February of this year, exposed major security loopholes at O'Hare International Airport. Security breaches uncovered by the 2 Investigators included 3,807 missing airport access security badges; repeated failure to inspect or screen workers with these badges before entering the airport's employee entrance; and workers with criminal histories who were given access to planes.

Savini's and Youngerman's investigation prompted several significant results, the most recent of which are the arrests on Wednesday, November 7 of 23 people working at O'Hare through a local contractor. Authorities say security badges were handed out to illegal immigrants by Ideal Staffing Solutions, a company based in Bensenville, Ill. 106 more individuals are wanted, after they allegedly used phony social security numbers or social security numbers belonging to deceased people to obtain security badges. These security credentials allowed the workers to access secure airport areas, such as the tarmac and planes.

The office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement launched a probe after the initial CBS 2 investigation in February. Another investigation in the Chicago Department of Aviation's Badging Office is underway by Chicago's Inspector General, David Hoffman . U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald launched his own investigation as well.

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Prior to this week, Savini's and Youngerman's investigation prompted several significant reactions:

SOURCE CBS 2 Chicago