DNC: This Doesn't Seem to Be Getting Any Easier...Another No Good, Very Bad Week for John McCain

WASHINGTON , March 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Though he's been the presumptive Republican nominee for a while now, the weeks don't seem to be getting any easier for John McCain. This week, in what were billed by his campaign as "major policy...

"McCain's campaign 'seems to have recognized that the other side was landing some potentially damaging blows this week with charges that McCain's economic plan was less laissez-faire than plain old cold-hearted.'"

Foreign Policy:

Sen. McCain 's gaffe


Hartford Courant


March 25, 2008

"On his trip to the Middle East , presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain flubbed a key fact about the situation in Iraq . The Arizona senator said on several occasions that he was concerned that Iranians were training members of al-Qaida inside Iran and returning them to Iraq . He said it was a 'well-known' fact and 'common knowledge'...Iran is a Shiite country and would not likely be aiding al-Qaida, an insurgent group composed of Sunni Muslims. Why is this repeated misidentification by Mr. McCain important? Because he is basing his campaign on the premise that he's the most experienced of the candidates by far in national security and foreign policy."

John McCain visits Palm Desert today


The Desert Sun

March 25, 2008

"McCain's stop in Palm Desert is part of a three-day trip to Southern California...The trip begins three days after McCain's seven-day congressional fact-finding trip to the Middle East and Europe intended to bolster his foreign policy credentials, but will probably be best remembered for a gaffe...Not only is McCain wrong on Iraq again, but the bigger problem is either that either he doesn't understand the problems facing Iraq and basically the whole Middle East or he's willing to ignore the facts on the ground,' Luis Miranda , a deputy communications director with the Democratic National Committee told City News Service. 'Whichever one of those two things it is, it's just not worthy of inspiring trust.'"

McCain won't win over Europe unless U.S. exits Iraq


San Francisco Chronicle

Steve Kettmann , Op-Ed Contributer

March 28, 2008

"John McCain's status as the presumptive Republican nominee for president should have made his recent photo-op-diplomacy swing through the Middle East and Europe a cakewalk, in which just distancing himself from the universally loathed George W. Bush would at least earn him a healthy dollop of goodwill...It was clear that for all his love of the Baghdad street photo-op, McCain seems to have an alarmingly incoherent notion of what is actually going on in the country we invaded five years ago."

Problems In the West?:

McCain pays Utah a visit: Mitt, Huntsman help him raise $400K


Deseret Morning News

March 28, 2008

"And Western Democrats joined forces Thursday to say that McCain will have to work to win the Western vote, despite the fact that he has been an Arizona senator since 1987. 'We don't believe he has an advantage in the West,' said Colorado Democratic Party chairwoman Pat Waak...Utah Democratic Party communications director Bill Keshlear said recent polls that show McCain having 54 percent of Republicans is 'historically low' for Utah. 'It hasn't been that low since 1964,' Keshlear said. 'John McCain is vulnerable on the issues in a whole range of ways.'"


Washington Times

March 28, 2008

"Democratic leaders in Rocky Mountain states yesterday said Sen. John McCain is not a shoo-in for victory this fall in the traditionally Republican region, saying they hope to capitalize on a trend toward their party as urban professionals flood into their cities. Demographics in the region are undeniably changing: there are now more Hispanic immigrants, who traditionally vote Democratic, and newcomers are middle-class, more independent and concerned about issues from the environment to schools to growth issues."

The Myth of the Maverick: