DNC: This Doesn't Seem to Be Getting Any Easier...Another No Good, Very Bad Week for John McCain

WASHINGTON , March 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Though he's been the presumptive Republican nominee for a while now, the weeks don't seem to be getting any easier for John McCain. This week, in what were billed by his campaign as "major policy...

By Neal Gabler , Op-Ed Contributor

March 26, 2008

"Yet however much his accessibility, amiability and candor may have defined the news media's love affair with him in 2000, and however much they continue to operate that way in 2008, there is also something different and more complicated at work now. Joan Didion once described a presidential campaign as a closed system staged by the candidates for the news media -- one in which the media judged a candidate essentially by how well he or she manipulated them, and one in which the electorate were bystanders...Off the bus he plays to the rubes (us) by reciting the conservative catechism; on the bus he plays to the press by giving the impression that his talk is all just a ploy to capture the Republican nomination."

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