ASIS Foundation to Publish Security White Papers

Alexandria, VA - The ASIS International Foundation today announced plans to publish a series of white papers on a variety of subjects impacting the security industry. The 25-page research documents will explore all angles of issues of topical and practical concern to security professionals.

The first paper is scheduled to focus on the topic of guns in the workplace, and is expected to explore issues ranging from how allowing guns in the workplace impacts an organization's hiring and firing procedures to how it affects a building's access control systems and policy. Future papers will focus on such issues as the effect of regulations -- like HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley -- on security policy and procedures, laptop thefts, and hiring qualified security personnel.

The Foundation plans to publish 3-5 issue papers by the end of 2006, and an additional 5-7 issue papers in 2007.

The goal of the white paper series is to share the most recent and relevant information on security issues, and to present distilled, synthesized information -- while avoiding taking a specific stance or position -- in order to allow security professionals to come to their own informed conclusions.

The Foundation is actively seeking authors for the white paper series, and has contracted with Rutgers University to conduct the literature search and other research components for each of the issues it selects, allowing the authors to focus solely on the writing of the papers.

For more information on the Foundation or the white paper series, contact Bob Rowe, Director of Development, at (703) 518-1440.