Wackenhut Creates New Strategic Model for Nuclear Industry

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The Wackenhut Corporation ("Wackenhut"), the leading security solutions provider, today announced it met with several of its nuclear clients who have encouraged the company to continue implementing its new strategic model for the newly renamed Regulated Security Solutions ("RSS") Division as recently announced by the company in an October 26, 2007 press release.

Key components of the new strategic model for the nuclear services division include:

Wackenhut's nuclear clients concurred with its new business approach and the company emphasized the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance and optimum performance in every facet of security in the post-9/11 environment. Clients have publicly stated they will settle for nothing less than the performance that is expected from RSS' new strategic model.

"We have witnessed a growing disparity between the needs of the nuclear industry and the delivery of contract security services," said Eric Wilson , President of Wackenhut's Regulated Security Solutions Division. "Based upon our recent assessment of our business, we can no longer adequately support the delivery of world-class security solutions with a staff augmentation model in today's post-9/11 environment."

According to Wilson, RSS' assessment confirms that in today's challenging security environment, security service providers must manage to higher standards to meet ever-increasing regulatory requirements, including several adopted by the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission since 9/11 (such as Interim Compensatory Measures (ICM), Access Authorization (AA) Orders, a new Fatigue Rule, a new Design Basis Threat (DBT), and Physical Security Plan revisions).

"Security service providers now represent a much larger share of station staffing and, to be effective, must be closely aligned with station operations," Wilson said.

Wilson added, RSS is moving from a traditional 'cost plus' business model to one focused on the provision of security solutions under a strategic alliance model similar to that adopted by leading Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS) suppliers.

"Our new model will ensure that our customers are able to focus their full attention on power generation while we focus on our core competency, which is the delivery of world-class, cost-effective security solutions," said Wilson. "This new model originated out of Wackenhut's desire to continue to be a world leader in the security solutions arena and will most likely change the face of security."

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