Pixelplus Unleashes its PO6030 VGA 'System-On-A-Chip' Image Sensor Based on PlusPixel2(TM) Technology

SEOUL , South Korea , Nov. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Pixelplus Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: PXPL), a fabless semiconductor company in Korea that designs, develops, and markets CMOS image sensors for various consumer electronics applications, today announced that it introduced samples of its PO6030 VGA 'System-on-a-Chip' ("SoC") image sensors through the Company's foundry partner in Taiwan . Based on the Company's PlusPixel2(TM) technology in 0.13 micron CMOS process, the PO6030 integrates advanced ISP algorithms and refined 3.6 micron pixel array in a 1/6.2 inch optical format, and delivers enhanced and sharper image quality in low light conditions.

Compared to the Company's earlier generation VGAs, the PO6030's smaller, more efficient, and ultra-compact chip-size and cutting-edge pixel design and architecture enable this product to display reduced noise and distortion, greater color uniformity and consistency, and improved dynamic range and optical performance. With a two-wire serial interface, the PO6030 can be easily programmed to control operating modes with respect to exposure time, frame rate, window size, scaling, sub-sampling, and color matrix to produce high quality images in any operating environment.

"Once again, this milestone shows that our fabless operations and design expertise and experience are optimally tailored to address growing market demands for the VGA SoC image sensor," said Dr. S.K. Lee , CEO of Pixelplus. "Our PO6030 represents an integral part of our new and diverse product portfolio based on PlusPixel2(TM) technology, and we continue to work vigorously to acquire new design wins from world leading module makers and mobile phone companies with our PO6030 and new line of third generation SoC image sensors. We are very excited about the steady momentum we have gained in recent weeks, and we are confident that our ongoing development of cutting- edge SoC products and implementation of target marketing strategies will enable us to penetrate new mobile and non-mobile applications business, expand our international customer base, and improve our profitability and performance moving forward."

About Pixelplus Co., Ltd.

Pixelplus is a South Korea-based developer of high-performance, high- resolution, and cost-effective CMOS image sensors for use primarily in mobile camera phones. In addition to mobile phones, Pixelplus provides CMOS image sensors and SoC solutions for use in webcams and notebook embedded cameras, toys and games, and security and surveillance system applications. As a fabless semiconductor company, Pixelplus is focused on creating proprietary design technologies to develop CMOS image sensors with sharp, colorful and enhanced image quality, size efficiency, and low power consumption.

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