Employee Loyalty: A Lesson for Alarm Companies (Part 2)

Why creating loyalty in your workforce helps create loyalty in your customer base

1) Teach your team ways to offer options and alternatives rather than a "matter of fact" blunt response to a problem.
2) Mentor them with tools to take more ownership of problems.
3) Recognize them for a job well done.
4) Meet with your team regularly and "role play" using real issues to seek out the best ways to resolve challenging problems.
5) Finally, consider having an outside professional come in to work with your team to hand them proven tools that will help them raise the bar.

All of these efforts will enable you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and at the same time weave the fabric of a closer and more successful team. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. See you next month.

About the author: Bob Harris is managing director for The Attrition Busters. With over 30 years in the alarm industry, he provides seminars, business consulting, and workshops to help great companies become even better. Bob can be reached at (818) 730-4690 or by email at bobh@attritionbusters.com. Learn more about The Attrition Busters at www.attritionbusters.com.