Using Video Analytics at Industrial Sites

How changing threats, compliance issues and intrinsic site challenges are furthering the need for automatic video solutions

The list of benefits of intelligent video continues. Pre-alarm recording functions show the moments before an incident for identification of who left suspicious objects or who parked the vehicle in an unauthorized location. The systems also provide ancillary detection benefits such as for smoke, fire, visible gas leaks and leaking containers--taking video's capabilities well beyond simply recording video for criminal prosecution or recouping damages.

Industrial security professionals will find it profitable to take a hard look at intelligent video and its benefits. It is no longer a security solution reserved for large enterprise installations or specialized security applications, but a solution for any size security installation, industrial or otherwise that wants to effectively widen security coverage, enhance vigilance, automate surveillance, and trim costs. In summary, intelligent video gives industrial security the boost it needs to overcome modern security challenges as well as traditional site-intrinsic challenges.

About the author: Roni Kass is the founder and CEO of ioimage, an intelligent video and camera firm from Israel which was founded in 2000. From Dreamteam Ltd., a company Kass founded in 1995, he leveraged his video image processing and analysis development knowledge to spearhead development of visionary intelligent video technology. Before founding Dreamteam Ltd. and later ioimage Ltd., Roni also founded and managed a successful Los Angeles-based software company, A2i Inc., (est. 1992) which was later acquired by SAP.