CACI Rejects Copycat Lawsuits and False Allegations

ARLINGTON, Va. , July 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- CACI International Inc (NYSE: CAI) announced today that it is responding vigorously to the malicious and unfounded lawsuits filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR). CACI totally rejects...

ARLINGTON, Va. , July 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- CACI International Inc (NYSE: CAI) announced today that it is responding vigorously to the malicious and unfounded lawsuits filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR). CACI totally rejects and denies all of the allegations and claims in these new legal filings. These latest lawsuits only repeat baseless allegations about CACI that appeared more than four years ago. The reality of this litigation is far different from the fiction that the plaintiffs' attorneys project. In the years that have passed since these claims first surfaced in the spring of 2004, nothing has changed to give any merit to unfounded and unsubstantiated claims. Indeed, the latest lawsuits by plaintiffs' counsel represent another predictable step in an ongoing "big lie" propaganda campaign to keep their lawsuits in the public eye and their personal political agendas in the public light.

Plaintiffs' counsel continues to escalate their rhetoric without any changes in the allegations of misconduct. The accusations in the lawsuits are a rehash of their original baseless submissions. The plaintiffs are attempting to prosecute the same restated and reformulated claims that were frivolous when first filed and which remain so today. None of the new plaintiffs have connected their allegations of abuse to any CACI personnel.

From day one, CACI has rejected the outrageous allegations of these lawsuits. CACI has unequivocally renounced any abuse of detainees in Iraq and has cooperated fully in all government inquiries relating to detainee abuse. CACI does not condone or tolerate illegal or inappropriate behavior by any employee when engaged in CACI business and has repeatedly stated it would take swift action if the evidence demonstrates culpable wrongdoing by any of its employees. However, CACI also emphasizes its strong commitment to the fundamental American principle that people are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

No CACI employee or former employee has been charged with any misconduct in connection with CACI's interrogation work in Iraq . No CACI employee appears in any of the infamous abuse photographs from Abu Ghraib.

CACI International has been a strong and vital partner to the U.S. government in combating terrorist attacks and saving American lives. CACI's technological advances and skilled workforce have played a key role in thwarting terrorism and defending our homeland. The men and women of this company make sacrifices every day to ensure Americans can go about their daily lives without having to worry about the next suicide bomber or aircraft attack on American soil. And they will continue to make these sacrifices for the good of their fellow Americans.

Additional information, news releases, and FAQs on CACI's Iraq business and Our Good Name, the new book about CACI's fight to defend its honor and get the truth told about Abu Ghraib are available on CACI's website: or

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