Eye on Video: Intelligent video architecture

What to consider when deciding upon centralized or distributed surveillance analytics

Things to consider when deploying intelligent video

Architecture plays a key role in successful deployment of intelligent video. To ensure the system meets both immediate and long-term needs, the installation should be scalable and based on open standards. The architecture should be one that minimizes the risk of system failure and downtime. It should scale effortlessly from a few to many cameras and intelligently distribute processing to different system components. For maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness, both the IV and video management applications should be interoperable with system components from different vendors. And the IV system should be as accurate as possible to minimize false positives that put undue stress on security personnel.

Fredrik Nilsson is general manager of Axis Communications, a provider of IP-based network video solutions that include network cameras and servers for surveillance. This story is part of Mr. Nilsson’s “Eye on Video” series appearing in ST&D and on SecurityInfoWatch.com and IPSecurityWatch.com.