The Problem Customers in the Security Business

How to deal with upset alarm customers so that you both win

Here again, there are dozens of ways to resolve this kind of problem, and often alarm/monitoring business employees on your front line don't know when or how to resolve these problems. To be really successful and to constantly improve on the way we deal with issues like these we must all become better at effective communication. Providing your team with professional training or offering them a host of tangible tools to try will definitely make them better at turning angry customers into loyal ones and at the same time decrease their level of frustration by empowering them to handle almost anything.

Frankly, most companies are focused on product training and standing behind those products. Most alarm dealers compete on product, price and the sale. But if you solely focus on product, price and sale, then you're forgetting that your customers aren't just buying PIRs, alarm keypads and remote key fobs.

In your customer's mind, what they're buying is service and relationships, and if you can provide those two things, they will reward you with their loyalty (and RMR). Customers want trusting and close relationships that deal really well with the issues they find challenging, and deliver experiences they find delightful. You've heard me say it before, but it bears repeating: It is the relationships - not the product or price - that can become your major source of competitive differentiation.

As someone who looks at these problems for companies on a daily basis, I would suggest you consider hiring a pro to come in and work with your team. But also consider the benefit of putting together your own workshop. Create some of your most common problems and let your group role play with each other to try and resolve them. Let's see how well you can raise the bar to empower your employees to become heroes in the eyes of your customers!

About the author: Bob Harris is managing director for The Attrition Busters. With over 30 years in the alarm industry, he provides seminars, business consulting, and workshops to help great companies become even better. Bob can be reached at (818) 730-4690 or by email at Learn more about The Attrition Busters at