FreeLinc Releases Kenwood(R) Two-Way Radio Adapter

OREM, Utah , June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- FreeLinc, the pioneer and market leader in secure wireless capabilities, announced today the release of its latest product, the FreeLinc wireless adapter for Kenwood(R) two-way radios. The Kenwood(R) adapter provides Kenwood(R) radio users access to FreeLinc's entire line of wireless products. Kenwood(R) users can now take advantage of FreeLinc's secure wireless accessories including the:

FreeLinc also announces the completion of its move to US production facilities. FreeLinc's products are "Made in America".

Mr. Anthony Sutera , CEO, FreeLinc, stated, "We are thrilled to have completed the development of the Kenwood(R) adapter and bring to market a solution that has been long demanded by the Kenwood(R) two-way radio user. Many of these users work in hazardous conditions and the ability to get rid of the cord is a tremendous safety advantage. Our engineering is world class and they continue to provide, with the release of this product, the finest products in the industry. Of course, we are proud to have completed the production steps for Made in America products."

The FreeLinc web site ( has an expanding list of FreeLinc user testimonials including, Midland County Sheriff's office, "I have experienced extreme delight and satisfaction with this product. Not having a cord, from your two-way radio and microphone, has allowed easier movement and freedom and with every day duties. I worked every shift while using the FreeLinc system and never encountered any problems. The clarity and functions have been essential with my job. FreeLinc has designed a microphone which is rugged and durable for every day activities. The system has been put through a strenuous test."

About FreeLinc

FreeLinc, founded in 2003, is the largest secure wireless capabilities company in the industry. Its patented product capabilities use the latest generation of near-field magnetic induction (NFMI) technology enabling highly reliable, secure communications. FreeLinc's communications capabilities are of special interest to the military because of its inherent security, non-RF protocols, low power consumption, and spectrum usage advantages. For more information about FreeLinc, please visit the company's website at