ICx Technologies Announces a New Product to Detect Liquid Explosives

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- ICx Technologies, a provider of advanced technology solutions for homeland and military security, today announced the release of its Fido(R) PaxPoint(TM) Liquid Explosives Detectors. The Fido PaxPoint is a handheld, portable detector which can accurately detect certain liquid explosives in real time, through a variety of sealed containers. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently announced testing of the Fido PaxPoint at several of the nation's largest airports had been successfully completed.

ICx Technologies began development of the Fido PaxPoint in response to the thwarted London terrorist threat in the summer of 2006. The instrument is capable of detecting liquid explosives or the constituent liquid materials with high sensitivity. The Fido PaxPoint can detect a vapor signature through a sealed bottle or other container.

"Last August, after the British foiled a plot to smuggle dangerous liquids aboard planes, ICx refocused its research to develop a practical solution that could detect the liquid components of many explosive devices," said Ken Rapauano, President of Homeland Security at ICx Technologies. "This new technology has the ability to separate a harmless bottle of soap from a bottle which may contain a threatening liquid."

The Fido PaxPoint is easy to operate and rugged enough for sustained use in the field. The unit has been designed for use in applications where numerous packages and containers must be scanned quickly, one after another, to ensure high traveler throughput.

About ICx Technologies(TM)

ICx develops advanced technologies for effective security solutions. ICx sensors detect and identify chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) materials. ICx surveillance products discern people and objects invisible to human senses and conventional cameras. ICx software and systems connect, command and control these security devices, while its intelligence and special-operations experts provide the unique insight that drives the company's innovation. ICx has manufacturing and research facilities in the United States , Canada and Europe .

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