Azalea Networks' 'Intelligent' Broadband Wireless Routing Technology Supports 'Wireless Beijing' Network to be Used During 2008

MILPITAS, Calif. , June 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Azalea Networks, a leading innovator in wireless network equipment and technology, announced the launch of Beijing's "wireless city" initiative that will support wireless services including Internet access, streaming media, intelligence services, and mobile data services during and after the Olympic Games to be held in August. Azalea and CECT-Telecomm recently celebrated the launch at a news conference covered by media including CCTV in Beijing, China . The project, consisting of approximately 1,000 Azalea broadband wireless routers and numerous video surveillance cameras supported by Azalea's network management system, will provide wireless broadband access over 38 square miles (100 square kilometers) in Beijing's central business district, financial areas, and Olympic venues.

John Elms , CEO of Azalea Networks, said, "We are pleased to provide the equipment and services for this monumental project which will benefit the citizens, visitors, and municipal personnel of the city of Beijing ." He added, "The opportunity to put Azalea's unique intelligent routing technology to work will optimize the delivery of voice, video, and data over the Beijing wireless network."

The "Wireless Beijing" project will enhance the communication service level in and around Olympic venues and tourist areas alike. With the benefit of wireless broadband technology, reporters will have instant, reliable access to the network to send stories to their home offices. Visitors will have Internet access to share their experiences as they happen. Community service communications will benefit as well, including business relations and emergency services such as the police department, firefighters, medical personnel and other public servants.

The "Wireless Beijing" project is a collaboration between CECT-Chinacomm Communications Co. Ltd and Trussnet USA, and is receiving support from the Beijing municipal government. Mr. Ping Qiu , the president of CECT-Chinacomm Communications, said, "Azalea's advanced wireless equipment and solutions, local technical team, support system, and rich experience in deploying wireless cities at home and abroad have allowed us to realize this enormous leap forward in Beijing's wireless communications capabilities."

Azalea's Technology

Azalea Networks offers the industry's first routing protocol specifically designed for wireless networking. By bringing intelligence to wireless networks, Azalea's Adaptive Wireless Routing(TM) overcomes the remaining challenges that limit the scalable capacity and performance of other all-wireless solutions. With Azalea's intelligent broadband wireless network infrastructure, operators experience superior multi-radio, multi-hop performance, radio/spectrum-independent routing, greater flexibility and scalability, seamless roaming, "high definition" video quality, carrier-grade QoS, security and management.

Azalea Networks has proven the reliability, scalability and cost-effectiveness of its intelligent wireless routing technology in numerous markets including municipalities, first responder, and service provider networks addressing applications such as video surveillance and security, large scale Wi-Fi hot zones and emergency response needs. Recently, Azalea announced its deployment of a broadband wireless network to aid emergency personnel and the victims of the disastrous earthquake in China .

About Azalea Networks

Azalea Networks, headquartered in Milpitas, California , ( is a technology leader that delivers network intelligence to its broadband wireless infrastructure through an innovative wireless routing technology that sets new standards in price and performance. Azalea's solution is ideal for service providers, government agencies, and industrial enterprises that need the superior high performance, scalable capacity, seamless mobility and other advantages made possible by true, intelligent network routing purpose-built for wireless broadband infrastructures for high quality voice, video and data services.

About CECT-Chinacomm Communications

CECT-Chinacomm Communications was founded in 2003 and has over 27,000 miles (70,000 core kilometers) of national backbone networks and over 1,900 miles (5,000 core kilometers) of local area networks established in China's main cities. CECT-Chinacomm Communications is working to establish itself as the largest wireless broadband telecom operator in China .

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Azalea Networks has deployed approximately 1,000 wireless routers covering over 36 square miles in Beijing .*

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