Beijing's Challenge to National Security

WASHINGTON , June 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Come to a panel discussion on Beijing's control of Chinese media and overseas Chinese organizations and how the regime manipulates Chinese in the U.S. with its propaganda. Discussion includes Beijing's orchestration of violent mobs against Falun Gong in New York City and the implications of this for U.S. national security.

Since May 17, 2008 , scores of pro-communist Chinese have scoured the streets of one of America's most tolerant and diverse cities, looking to surround, taunt, and even physically assault anyone self-identifying as an adherent of Falun Gong -- a peaceful meditation practice persecuted in China .

At least twelve members of these pro-communist mobs, which have amassed in Flushing, New York , have been arrested on charges such as assault. A recording of a telephone conversation with Mr. Keyu Peng , China's Consul General in New York City , suggests that Peng himself orchestrated the Flushing mobs.

The events in New York are part of a larger pattern of coercive intimidation used by Beijing's United Front Work Organization, which is charged with the mission of isolating and destroying dissenting voices on foreign soil -- even in the U.S. The ramifications were apparent enough by 2004 as to prompt House Congressional Resolution 304, calling for Beijing to cease its intimidation of Falun Gong adherents on U.S. soil.

PRC officials continue to defy the congressional resolution even as the Beijing summer Olympics approaches. This press event will begin to explore the full intricacies and implications of Beijing's actions.

SOURCE The Washington Forum