The Security Week That Was: A Recap - Sept. 30-Oct. 6, 2006

SIW Editor Geoff Kohl gives a weekly surveillance of news shaping your profession

Verified Identity Pass and Saflink are the two companies trying to land the registered traveler program at the Albany, N.Y., airport. The challenge so far has been getting a big enough network to make the program useful to biz travelers. The "Clear" program of Verified Identity Pass, for example, works great if you're flying from JFK's Terminal 7 to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, but if you're bouncing from Atlanta to Chicago (the two busiest airports in the U.S.), sit back and be ready to stand in the regular security checkpoint lines.

There's something about casino security stories we all love. Maybe that's because the casinos usually have a bit larger budgets than most security directors receive, or because the systems at these resorts can be models of scale and technology, or maybe just because deep at heart, you'd love to have a casino's treasury in your own pocket (you can want that and still live honestly), stories of casino security are a hook. It was the same this week when SIW noted that Steve Wynn had completed the Wynn Macau casino, complete with a 2,000-camera system that even integrated into the point-of-sale systems at the in-resort retailers and restaurants. The job was completed by N.J.-based integrator North American Video.

A week ago, we had a photo from an attempted heist of a cash-transit delivery on our homepage. At the time, we were noting the trend of these robberies in African and in some European nations. Well, it seems the U.S. is not immune. In Queens, a man managed to toss an armored-truck delivery for $150,000. Even worse, in Oakland, a Brink's cash-handling officer was left dead after a hit on a cash handling vehicle there – an incident which police are now saying may have been an inside job. The worst incident, still, was back in S. Africa, which saw the death of four security officers, when their vehicle was forced off the road, then doused with gasoline while they were still inside.