$100 Billion Security Industry a Booming Market for Job Seekers

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va., Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Homeland security, corporate security, cyber security, critical infrastructure security, retail and healthcare security - you get the idea. Security management is a vital, global industry - in excess of $100 billion - according to ASIS International, a leading association of security professionals. What's more, the industry offers tremendous career opportunities.

Since 9/11, the need for security managers in both the public and private sector has continued to rise. Starting salaries in the field are good - $50,000 to $70,000, according to Jeffrey Fowler , professor and security management program manager at American Military University (www.amuonline.com). AMU - part of the American Public University System - is an online university that serves 25,000 adult learners worldwide.

"Many positions require at least an undergraduate degree, and often require professional certifications," says Fowler.

AMU's security management program covers a wide range of topics, including global terrorism, risk analysis and loss prevention, legal and ethical issues, and industrial espionage.

"A security manager needs a well-rounded education, steeped with industry knowledge," says Fowler. "That mix of knowledge helps them analyze, forecast and develop complex security solutions."

Olga Mokrova is a security professional for the United Nations and previously served in the Russian Armed Forces. She wants to broaden her security knowledge and critical thinking skills to complement her military experience. She is pursuing a master's degree in security management at AMU.

"I know how to be a good military commander," says Mokrova. "I need to know more about other security issues like, security design, access control and physical security, risk and threat assessment, crisis management, training and fire prevention.

"I am absolutely fascinated with studying security management," Mokrova says. "I know it will help me to do my current job better and prepare me for future opportunities."

Fowler advises that students learn as much as they can about the industry from other security professionals. Students should immerse themselves in the field:

"Establishing yourself as a security expert takes education, skill, networked contacts and a good reputation," says Fowler.

American Military University (AMU) offers more than 50 undergraduate and graduate programs-all exclusively online. A university book grant supplies textbooks at no charge to degree-seeking undergraduates, and eligible students may apply for Federal Student Aid. AMU is one of the few universities that offer specialized programs in homeland security, national security and public safety.

SOURCE American Military University