Lantronix launches improved Web site

Lantronix announced Thursday the launch of its updated website. The new site offers a simplified interface to help visitors better understand the full range of Lantronix’s products and platforms. New sales tools, including a library of product marketing videos, case studies and tutorials, are available to clearly explain the benefits of Lantronix technology, including maximized efficiencies, improved processes and greater business intelligence based on real-time information. The site also includes an updated investor relations section which provides easy access to pertinent company information.

"This is a very exciting time for Lantronix as we align our company focus closer with the needs of our customers," said Jerry D. Chase, president and CEO of Lantronix. "Our new website is an important part of this transition. Moving forward it is our goal to provide our customers the information and tools they need to select the appropriate technology for their applications, and to easily envision the infinite possibilities of our networking communications technology. With our videos, case studies and application notes, we are able to convey our message more effectively and capitalize on our unique strength in both device networking and secure remote IT management. Stay tuned as we continue to update our website on a regular basis with more case studies, newer videos and more content."

Lantronix first set of videos highlight:

- DeviceLinx - Introduction to device networking technology
- SecureLinx - Secure remote IT infrastructure management
- SecureLinx - IT management solutions for the remote branch office

All videos are downloadable in several popular formats. Versions in German, Mandarin, Hebrew and Japanese are coming soon.

You can check out the English version here: Please visit Lantronix’s website at