Autonomy ZANTAZ Unveils First Unified Platform for Advanced Global Electronic Discovery, Investigation, and Real-Time Policy Man

CAMBRIDGE, England and PLEASANTON, California, October 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ZANTAZ, an Autonomy company (LSE: AU; LSE: AU.L) and a global leader in the archiving, eDiscovery and Proactive Information Risk Management (IRM) markets, today...

CAMBRIDGE, England and PLEASANTON, California, October 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ZANTAZ, an Autonomy company (LSE: AU; LSE: AU.L) and a global leader in the archiving, eDiscovery and Proactive Information Risk Management (IRM) markets, today announced Introspect 6, a much-enhanced version of its top-ranking discovery review solution for complex litigation and regulatory investigations. Now powered by Autonomy's award-winning Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), Introspect 6 is the first and only solution that can process any piece of information from 1,000 different content formats across 100 different languages - with connectors to data from more than 400 enterprise systems - all stored within one single index. Introspect 6 is also the first eDiscovery application to automate the processing of rich-media content, including voicemail messages and video files.

"Recent court rulings that 'all digital content' is admissible, coupled with the ever-increasing volumes of digital information, continue to escalate pressure on companies to establish clear and concise approaches to eDiscovery," said Vivian Tero , senior research analyst, IDC. "These rulings have catapulted demand for advanced unified solutions for legal discovery, records retention and policy enforcement from corporate executives and legal counsels."

The Introspect 6 unified solution enables litigation support teams to efficiently and proactively manage, identify, analyze, collect, preserve, cull, review and produce all electronically stored information (ESI), including PST files, database records and imaged documents. This is accomplished regardless of where the information resides, eliminating the need to maintain and install two separate technology infrastructures.

Introspect 6 now also includes intelligent, prioritized review capabilities integrated from Autonomy Aungate's Investigator, which provides advanced analytics and real-time policy management. The advanced analytics now supported by Introspect Investigator make it easier for reviewers to identify, bulk-tag and prioritize potentially relevant documents, emails, voice recordings and videos from amongst millions of files, all viewed in convenient, meaningful clusters. Built-in security, hyper-linking and transparency support these advanced capabilities so that inquiries can be made without disrupting normal business operations. Users can access both live and archived data and visually trace communications between custodians to identify meaningful interactions, empowering legal teams to conduct an unprecedented level of early case assessment. These critical adjuncts to the eDiscovery process reduce cycle times and risks by avoiding the unnecessary duplication or deletion of information while simultaneously increasing information transparency and accessibility.

IDOL's advanced capabilities, including conceptual retrieval, clustering and categorization, expedites the proactive identification of potentially relevant documents from millions of files, thereby enabling legal teams to manage massive discovery and review projects and assess the merits of litigation with unparalleled speed and accuracy. It also provides the ability to leave data in place for discovery and review, or to automatically copy the data to the discovery application in a forensically sound manner.

"Autonomy ZANTAZ is delivering on the vision shared by organizations across industries and sectors to be able to embrace one single unified platform to streamline and accelerate ESI processing, review and production," said Steve King , CEO of Autonomy ZANTAZ. "The ability to choose one single vendor for the full spectrum of needs will continue to drive demand and solve an increasing number of business problems for customers across the globe."


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