IP Case in Point: Video Systems with Large Bandwidth Needs

How Choctaw Nation casino took a 300-camera IP video system onto their network

Technicians should take extra care in configuring cameras to the most appropriate levels. High-resolution images may not need to run at 30 fps over the network all the time since this would unnecessarily use up bandwidth and slow down other applications.

MPEG4 is a standard used to compress audio and visual digital data and is recommended for live viewing and for applications where bandwidth and storage limitations are important factors. MPEG4 settings can be adjusted to control image complexity in addition to the amount of motion in the monitored scene. By using constant bit rates versus the default variable bit rate setting, a user has more control over what goes over the network and can give priority to either the frame rate or the image quality when there is increased motion.

If companies choose to use an existing network, their security teams will need to determine the minimum and maximum bandwidth available for the network video system. In order to determine bandwidth needs, organizations and companies should consider using a bandwidth calculator. These calculators, which are often available from integrators and network video vendors, help determine the bandwidth a network video product will use based on the image size and frame rate. Good "calculators" can also calculate how much space a recorded image sequence would require.

A Winning Strategy

Quality of Service (QoS) is available in more networks today, which enables a company to guarantee a certain amount of bandwidth for an application like network video or IP telephony. For Choctaw Nation, they were able to overcome bandwidth issues by deploying a dedicated server and by making necessary adjustments to various camera configurations. The custom configuration allowed them to install the cameras of their choice, providing maximum clarity while preserving bandwidth, which is exactly what they needed and will continue to need as their casinos gain even more popularity in the near future.

About the author: Fredrik Nilsson is general manager of Axis Communications, a provider of IP-based network video solutions that include network cameras and video servers for remote monitoring and security surveillance.