The Security Week That Was: 10/05/07

A weekly surveillance of news shaping your profession

Integration options keep expanding as vendors create direct methods to allow systems to work together. CoVi and Siemens are among the companies integrating their systems. Similarly Pelco and OnSSI – not exactly two companies you'd think of as partners even a year ago – are working together so that Pelco's IP cameras interface into OnSSI's video management software. … Residential services businesses are also integrating and it's in the form of sales; notably with ADT and Qwest partnering on a broadband-and-security deal for Qwest's residential customers. … Over at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), they're testing a computer program called ARMOR that randomizes the airport security patrols with the intention of making security a little less predictable for would-be terrorists. … And finally, we close with the terrible news that two former police officers -- who were operating a Loomis armored car in Philadelphia -- were assassinated in their line of duty while servicing an ATM at a mall. Their third associate was injured in the attack, where police are still looking for a suspect who fled the scene.

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